Employee Performance Reviews: Using Your Time Wisely

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Employee performance reviews are a necessary part of any office. They not only benefit the company but they also benefit the employee, if done correctly. A successful review requires a good grasp of time management, both in planning and delivery. Your Staffing EPLI policy can protect you from potential claims brought on by your employee and the following steps will help you reduce risk while ensuring a steady review process.

Don’t avoid conflict.

As we mentioned in our last blog, this shouldn’t be the first time the employee is hearing about a conflict that needs resolving or praise for doing a fantastic job. A sound management system will address these issues head on as they arise, and an employee performance review should reiterate that. Don’t sidestep problems. Instead, get straight to the point if there is a concern. Provide some solutions to the issue, ask for feedback, and ensure both you and your employee are on the same page.


Recording data as it happens throughout the year is critical. It naturally has to be a fair and balanced account, recording successes and failures.   If you come to year end without hard data – and you’re both just relying on memory – you’re inviting differing interpretations of reality… and wicked unpleasantness at evaluation time, says Forbes.

This documentation and task list of concerns that you want to discuss in the meeting can minimize wasted time. By following these simple steps, you can get back to work in no time.

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