Fake Credentials: A Real Staffing Problem

Fake Credentials A Real Staffing Problem CareerExcuse, a company who makes a profit by vouching for prospective employee’s nonexistent credentials, has made news headlines recently. The company’s goal is to give qualified workers second chances who have been laid off, wrongfully terminated, suffered their company’s going out business, etc. However, although the idea may seem well-intentioned, this poses a huge risk for employers and staffing agencies alike. As these issues may affect your staffing agency with the employees your agency places, be sure to equip your firm with Staffing Employment Practices Liability.

William Schmidt founded the company after he was a victim of a massive layoff. His partner, Jennifer Hatton, joined him after 15 years as a mortgage loan underwriter. Although they claim to be a legitimate company, complete with professional resume writers, the company still thrives on deceptions. For a fee ranging from $100-$200, CareerExcuse will provide a fake company address, phone number, and a positive reference with industry specific qualifications.

Hatton claims they do not provide their service for any healthcare professionals, government employees, law enforcement, or anyone in the medical or childcare fields as they could potentially put others in danger. However, Forbes states that faking references for certain employees, such as government workers, are illegal. For other industries, this component falls under a legal grey area. Hatton also contradicts the business when she claims that they do not verify the skills and qualifications the applicant claims to have, yet they depend on actual talent and honesty from a client when choosing to provide services.

Staffing agency Robert Half’s senior executive director Paul McDonald explained the risks of using this service when he stated “If your credentials don’t align with those you’ve presented, you won’t just lose a job- you’ll damage your reputation.”

CareerExcuse even demonstrated their service on the “Today” show, claiming that references are so formulaic they are not likely to raise any red flags. The company stands behind their idea that they are helping deserving individuals land jobs after an economic hardship.

Schemes and companies like this can cause trouble for your staffing company. Verifying applicant credentials and background information is essential prior to placing them with an employer, either temporary or permanent. At World Wide Specialty Programs, we specialize in servicing the staffing industry with comprehensive coverage to ensure your firm, its property, and its assets are protected at an affordable rate. For more information, contact us today at (877) 256-0468.