Reevaluating Perks in the Workplace

Reevaluating Perks in the WorkplaceIn our last post, we discussed the different Types of Employees in relation to their level of engagement with their work and their contribution to the company. With a recent spike in workplace happiness conversation, an interview with a renowned economist brings to light a new perspective: Why are we having this discussion in the first place? As your staffing industry works to populate these businesses, it is important to stay atop Staffing Employment Trends and place laborers accordingly. Let’s now take a closer look at the opposing viewpoint.

William Davies, British political economist, argues the psychological movement of happiness at work in his novel “The Happiness Industry.” He challenges that instead of offering so many perks to get employees to be more motivated, the fundamental fashion in which the business operates should be questioned. He clarifies “Work is so focused on an intervention tailored toward making people positive so that they work harder. We don’t really question how businesses are intrinsically run.”

Davies goes on to give the example of Google as it is notorious for offering a variety of employee perks such as gyms, laundry facilities, hair salons, and even massage programs. However, the end goal is for employees to work more as they essentially never have to leave. Identifying the practices of your business and determining fairness and well-being is intact can promote workplace effectiveness.

Because an employee’s satisfaction does impact performance, Davies argues that companies should promote participation in the business instead of relying so heavily on perks to entice employees. Find out what they want, encourage policy involvement, and include them in discussions.

It is important to note that not all employees, regardless of perks or incentives, wish to blend work and pleasure. There is still a great deal of employees who prefer to keep their work separate from their personal lives. Allowing an employee to show up, do the work, and go home is completely acceptable. Although perks can be an effective hiring strategy, promoting an effective work environment will increase the longevity of an employee’s career at your business.

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