The Harm of a Slow Hiring Process

The Harm of a Slow Hiring ProcessAs a Staffing Agency, it’s your goal to fill an empty position with the best candidate you can find. This process can be lengthy, time-consuming or even costly, so make sure it’s worth it. Most candidates are repelled by a lengthy or slow hiring process which can cost your company its clients.

According to an article in Malone Staffing Solutions, there are a few things to look at when considering your hiring process.

What is your process?

When bringing in highly qualified candidates, are you doing it quickly and effectively or relying on HR and managers? If you’re looking for a potential candidate, you should know how to recruit and who is screening the candidates before your final decision. When relying on others to find a candidate for you, it can be time-consuming. Know the entire hiring process like the back of your hand so that it runs effectively.

What are the numbers?

Sometimes, you can run the unfortunate risk of being stuck with a candidate that didn’t turn out to be all that great. Instead of paying attention to those details, focus on how much money your company may be losing with a vacant position. Look at their salaries and the recruitment time to give you perspective on your current hiring process. Then you can see what you need to adjust.

What are your resources?

Rely on the expert recruiters on your team to pick a handful of qualified talent. The candidate search can be hard, but it’s important to trust in a comprehensive and efficient screening process. Having a staffing agency use their resources to get you the best professional is what they are here for.

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