Improving Staffing Practices: Promoting Job Ads

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In this series of blogs, we’ve discussed in detail some ways that your staffing agency can improve their practices. From managing difficult clients to writing better job descriptions, there are plenty of ways your agency can improve your overall performance and professional practices. In this article, we’re going to provide some clever and fun ways to promote your job ads. If you’re using the job posting boards that everyone else is, such as Indeed and Monster, you’ve got a lot of competition, so we’re going to discuss some different approaches. Before reading on, protect your practice year-round with a Staffing EPLI policy.

Set up a referral program.

If you’ve placed successful employees with your previous clients, you can ask them for referrals. If they’re dedicated and skilled workers, they likely know others who share the same ideals. Alternatively, you can ask coworkers for referrals. It’s a group effort to satisfy clients, and the more resources you use, the more potential candidates you’ll receive.

Be sure to make the referral program something that will actually incentivize your crew. Examples include a bonus, a gift card, free lunch catered, and more. Pool together some ideas with your team and see what works for everyone.

Start networking.

Once you post a job ad, you can be proactive rather than waiting for resumes to come to you. In fact, you can start networking and researching the potential leads on your own. Once you find someone who matches what your client is looking for, reach out.

Go on social media.

The majority of people use social media, so why not promote your job ad there? Job boards are still relevant, but they don’t really have the traffic that social media does, nor can you guarantee that the specific type of candidate you’re looking for is on that site.

That’s not to say job boards should be avoided. However, effectively promoting your job ad means taking it to where the people are. And that’s social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and even Instagram can all introduce your job advertisement to a far wider, and potentially more relevant audience. Consider asking senior members of the hiring team to include a post featuring the job ad on their personal Facebook page. It can be a way of reaching suitably qualified jobseekers. Or write an article on LinkedIn about the company, how great it is to work for, and mention available roles with links to the job advertisements, suggests Robert Half.

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