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In this series of posts, we’ve discussed how your staffing agency can improve its overall practices for 2018. We’ve already covered the important topic of managing difficult clients, which can affect your productivity and client retention. Now, we’re going to dive deeper into how to write better job ads. As a professional staffer, you rely on your job ads and connections to find qualified candidates. Gone are the days where you can post a simple “Help Wanted” sign and people will come. In today’s competitive market, it’s up to you to create an engaging and enticing job ad that will make your prospects interested in applying. In addition to reading on, give your firm the protection it needs moving forward with a Staffing EPLI policy.

Make it SEO-friendly.

Think of a job posting just as you would a web page. When potential hires are searching for job postings, they will use consistent search terms. The more relevant your job title and description, the likelier it is to show up high on the results page and that’s the best way to get attention (without paying for a premium spot). Also fill out all of the attributes such as industry, job type, full/part time, and others to rank higher, recommends Job Science.

Make it enticing.

400-800 words is an ideal length for job ads. Be sure to include a bit about the company and the necessary requirements of the role. Apart from the basics, add in the factors about the position that make it enticing, such as salary, benefits, flexibility, culture, and more. Be sure to include minimum requirements such as education and experience to weed out the candidates who are unqualified.

Make it interesting.

Anyone can copy and paste a job ad with the traditional language everyone expects. Mix it up! Add in fun terms such as “critical thinking champion” or “weekend warrior,” but keep it relevant to the job. Be sure to toe the line between interesting and over the top.

Make it visual.

An endless job ad full of boring text won’t engage anyone. Including pertinent information is a must, as we mentioned above, but consider conveying the requirements in a visual way. Make graphics, use colors and make the ad visually appealing.

Sell it.

The purpose of a job ad is to entice candidates to apply. Sell the business, the client who you’re trying to place for, and the benefits of both. At the end of the day it’s a sales pitch, so treat it that way.

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