Improving Staffing Practices: Managing Difficult Clients

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Our last few blogs have focused solely on predicting 2018 staffing trends and how to stay ahead of the curve. While there are plenty of recruitment strategies to test out this coming year, arguably the most important aspect of business is retaining and managing clients. Customer relationship management tools are a must to oversee communications and requests, but what about those few difficult clients? From overly picky ones to those who are sticklers over everything, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into how staffing agencies can manage difficult clients without losing business. Don’t forget to start the new year off right with a customized Staffing EPLI policy.

Get specific.

A satisfied client is a repeat client, but sometimes pleasing someone takes a little more effort than you anticipated. Rather than get frustrated, know which questions to ask to earn their business and maintain the financial health of your firm.

Ask specific questions to gather as much information as you can about what type of candidate they’re looking for.

  • Do they want someone with industry experience?
  • How many years of experience?
  • Do they require a degree?
  • Do they require specific certificates and accomplishments to be accepted?

You’re the expert when it comes to sourcing qualified candidates, but now is the time for you to listen to exactly what your client wants so that you can deliver.


It might be tempting to deliver your side of the story quickly to diffuse tempers. However, this isn’t the best strategy for an unhappy client.

Sometimes people just want to be heard. If your client has a complaint, listen with an open mind. Compare what he has to say with what you may have heard from other customers. Are there patterns? Perhaps the problem isn’t an impossible client, but service gaps you have not yet identified. Ask for clarification so you can completely understand the problem before you attempt to fix it, recommends Avionte.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to pinpoint other issues regarding your customer services or processes. No business is perfect, and an unhappy client is an incentive to look internally, as well.

Provide more than one solution.

After listening to the client vent, offer solutions that tailor to his or her needs. For example, do they want faster results? More candidates? Better customer service? Prompt responses? Do your best to accommodate the client within reason. Come to a mutual decision together and make sure account managers and other relative employees are on board.


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