Improving Performance: Fine-Tuning Your Staffing Process

The current job market is favoring candidates rather than employers, which means that the candidates you’re sourcing will likely receive more than one offer. Being a competitive agency and improving your overall staffing process can increase your chances of placing qualified workers for your clients rather than losing them to competition. It takes more than just reaching out to prospects via LinkedIn or email, so heed the following advice moving forward in 2018. In addition to equipping your practice with a Staffing EPLI policy, consider the following strategies for improving your processes.

Manage clients effectively.

Without a customer relationship management tool, it can be impossible to track all of the emails, calls, and conversation you had with each client. According to Bullhorn, a staffing and recruiting software company, with CRM software features like pipeline management combined with relationship insights, you can know who has the strongest relationships and the best time to contact each person in your system. Building an efficient, strong base of communication with your clients and candidates is only part of the package. Don’t forget the other half: appealing to passive candidates, who have more power in the market than ever before.

Improve your job postings.

Rather than type up a factual and dry job posting, make it appeal to who you want to attract. They should appeal to Google, as well, and be thoughtful as well as intriguing. Ask yourself the following before publishing the job posting:

  • Does the job posting have personality?
  • Is it long enough to be picked up by Google bots?
  • Does it overuse terms?
  • Is the posting original or copy and pasted from a previous posting?
  • Is it well-written?
  • Are there specific qualifications and duties listed?
  • Did you include qualification keywords that will boost your post?


There are so many different channels to promote your job posting on these days. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to show off your postings. Since your followers are already interested in potential jobs by following your staffing agency, this is an integral part of the hiring process.

Spend money where necessary.

Organic reach on Facebook is nearly non-existent for most brands, so paid Facebook promotion has become the default way to get jobs in front of passive candidates and those who already follow your company on social networks. Don’t play a passive role in acquiring candidates, be proactive and pay for the ads you need to get the word out about your agency and its available listings.

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