Our Advice on How to Brand Your Staffing Firm

According to LinkedIn’s research, the majority of individuals aren’t looking to staffing firms for their hiring needs. Only 18 percent of respondents say that they turn to a staffing firm when looking for a job. With so few people turning to staffing firms, it’s imperative to get creative when drawing people to utilize the services you offer. You need to draw attention to and define your company’s brand attributes, advises Monster. Check out this list of ways your staffing firm can streamline their branding and attract new clients.

Brand Your Firm Based on Claims You Can Prove

Your staffing firm should focus their branding on a few popular claims. If you can’t prove your claims, then they shouldn’t be a part of your branding. What you can do is make a list of claims that you can prove, then pick out the ones you like and incorporate them into your branding. Take the time to figure out exactly which claims mean the most and are right for you. Are you transparent? Do you go about the staffing process efficiently? Do you have a great ROI? Do you work well with clients? Find your proven strengths, and base your branding around that.

Content Marketing Can Boost Brand Image

Just like how social media is incredibly helpful for any business trying to thrive, content marketing via those platforms can also assist in boosting your overall brand image. Branding is a catalyst meant to drive continuous improvement in a company. Get in touch with a great public relations person or team and get the ball rolling on developing some long-term strategies for your company’s branding.

Ask Hard Questions to Grow Your Brand

When trying to think of ways to streamline your brand, make sure to ask the difficult questions first. Brand strategy should begin as a pointed interrogation. A common error that businesses make in branding is branding themselves as the organization that they’d like to be, not the one that they currently are. It’s always good to have aspirations, but your branding needs to reflect your current business. You might not like the answers that you get when you ask these questions, but that’s okay! It will give you an idea of where you’d like to grow, and will help you to understand the current status quo.

Focus the Brand on Talent Not Actively Looking For Work

For a staffing agency, this might sound counter-intuitive. Allow us to explain. Aiming all of your branding on the individuals who are not looking for work will help make sure you get the best quality candidates possible, because it’s important to search for candidates that are beneficial long-term. Looking for passive candidates means that you are getting the cream of the crop. These are the individuals who perform better than average, thus making your firm look that much better. The best way to get passive candidates to use your staffing firm is solely through social recruiting. In this day and age, using social media is everything.

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