Show Your Employees That You’re Thankful for Them With These Popular Employee Benefits

It’s officially the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is a time when we want to give back to those that we are thankful for. But as a business owner, you don’t have to think that far ahead to give thanks to those that work for you. Just give them great benefits.

Giving an employee the benefits that they need goes beyond just a simple thanks for all their hard work. It’s really giving an employee the incentive to do good in your company. On top of that, when employees have good benefits, they stay with your company for longer. Benefits provider Unum conducted a survey of 1,227 working adults and found out which employee perks were most ideal to them. Here’s some of those popular employee benefits listed below.

Paid Family Leave

The number one perk that everyone wants is paid family leave. Time off for caregivers and new parents is coveted. A number or large employers have started adding paid family leave to their benefits, including Unum, Dollar General and TD Bank. IBM, TIAA and Walmart has also expanded their programs for their employees.

Flexible/Remote Work Options

The ability to work from home is a close second to wanting paid family leave, with over 55 percent of employees saying that they desire it. These kinds of benefits have recently jumped in over the years, with over two third of organizations offering some kind of telecommuting, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. In fact, 36 percent of people would choose to telecommute in lieu of more money, SHRM found.

Professional Development

Over a third of employees put professional development high up on their wish list. Employees want to grow in their careers, so give them the option to. If  you offer this to your employees your retention rate will raise, succession planning will come as a breeze and your business will be ran more efficiently.

Sabbatical leave

Nearly four in 10 employees say that they would like an extended leave of absence from work, with that number even higher for the millennial generation. While it’s an incredibly popular perk that employees want, only about four percent ever pay for a sabbatical.

Gym Membership or Onsite Fitness Center

More than a third of employees want fitness, placing a gym membership on their list. Giving easy, affordable gym access to your employees is not only beneficial for their physical health, but their mental health as well. Exercise helps avoid big issues like chronic health conditions, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Student Loan Repayment

A lot of people, especially the millennial generation, have student loans to deal with. If you can offer some type of repayment plan for your employees, then you’re in a good place. More than a third of employees want access to this type of perk.

No matter which benefits your agency chooses to offer, make sure to reinforce your employee benefits program with Employee Benefits Liability insurance coverage. From our team to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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