Social Media Recruitment Strategies for 2018

Social media is quickly becoming a part of all aspects of life and business, including recruitment. As a result, many recruiters are taking advantage of social media to find the ideal candidates for a job opening. From 2010 to 2015, the proportion of companies that rely on social media to hire employees increased from 82 to 92 percent.

Many companies struggle to find top talent for open positions. If you’re one of these companies, you should consider taking advantage of social media as a tool to find candidates. Here are a few of the top social media recruitment strategies for 2018.

1. Use Recruitment Hashtags

One effective social media recruitment strategy is using recruitment hashtags. You can either create your own recruitment hashtag or you can identify the hashtags that job seekers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook already follow. If you decide to identify already existing hashtags, keep in mind that many of the hashtags will be generic. You will need to narrow down your search to identify hashtags that are industry-specific.

If you struggle to find good recruitment hashtags, you should make your own and publish quality content to get it trending. As long as you publish informative and meaningful content, you can expect the hashtag to trend quickly. Be sure that the hashtag you create isn’t similar or identical to a hashtag that already exists. A good recruitment hashtag is unique and relevant to your brand.

2. Use Your Profile on LinkedIn

When it comes to social media and recruitment, using LinkedIn is a logical choice. The vast majority of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, making it the most popular social network for finding top candidates.

You should change the first 200 characters of the LinkedIn profile to make it clear that your company is on the lookout for new employees. Job seekers will be able to see that your company is hiring without need to click through to land on the corporate page. Not only should you update your LinkedIn profile, but you should also participate in LinkedIn groups. Both influencers and top talent tend to frequent LinkedIn groups.

3. Lighten Up with Instagram

A common misconception that many people harbor is that recruitment always needs to be a serious affair. You should think about lightening things up by using Instagram as a tool for recruitment. Set up an Instagram account for your company and post photos to show the fun side of your company. You want to show job seekers that your company is a fun place to work.


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