Your Guide to Writing an Effective Job Description

Whether a business is creating a new position or needs to fill a vacancy, they often rely on staffing agencies to write job descriptions and find new talent. A well-written, detailed, and most importantly accurate job description will more effectively attract the best candidates for the job, thus saving your staffing agency valuable time and resources while streamlining the search for an ideal candidate.

As you prepare to compose a job description, there are a few tips worth keeping in mind for the best results.

Aim for Conciseness

You wouldn’t want to read through a five-page resume to learn about a job candidate’s qualifications. Likewise, potential talent may not want to sift through a long, rambling job description to determine whether or not they’d be a good fit for the job. Consider a job description as a sales pitch to candidates; keeping it concise, to-the-point, and free of “fluff” will go a long way.

Don’t Forget Key Details

While conciseness is important, there are some basic details about the job and company that should be included in any description. Aside from the job title and a description of the organization, candidates may also appreciate:

  • a breakdown of day-to-day job duties
  • a general salary range
  • preferred years/level of experience
  • an idea of where the job is situated within the company as a whole

Keep it Two-Sided

Remember, a job description is essentially a sales pitch to talented candidates, so you should be careful to avoid a one-sided description that only focuses on what the employee will be doing for the company. Instead, turn the tables a bit and write briefly about how this position can benefit the employee, whether it be through opportunities for advancement or exposure to valuable career experiences and opportunities. A discussion of benefits like paid time off and retirement plans could also be relevant here.

Run it Past Current Employees

If there are employees still working in the position for which the business is hiring, don’t forget to run your written job description past them before you publish it. More than likely, these employees will have some valuable input and may suggest changes or additions that will help paint a more accurate picture of the position itself. As a result, you may be able to attract better job candidates.

A well-written job description is more important than many hiring managers and even staffing agencies realize. By focusing your efforts on crafting a concise yet informative description, you’ll attract the best candidates for the position and potentially reduce your time-to-fill. For more information on optimizing and protecting your staffing business, contact our team at World Wide Specialty Programs today.

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