How a Staffing Agency Can Help with a Business’s Hiring Process

Many businesses have little time as it is to devote to the day-to-day functioning of their company and the pursuit of business growth. That’s why the thought of screening applications for an open position, interviewing several candidates, checking their background, and making an offer may fill some with dread. This is especially true when working with contractors who may only be there a few short months anyway. No business owner wants to go through this cycle continuously. Fortunately, they don’t have to with the help of an experienced staffing agency. Communicate these benefits to your clients, and they may be driven to use a staffing agency’s services.

It Speeds Up the Hiring Process

There always seems to be one department that falls further behind every day because it simply doesn’t have the manpower to get everything done. You need new employees in a hurry, yet the hiring process is often anything but speedy. When a business outsources tasks such as reviewing resumes and contacting qualified candidates to a staffing agency, they only need to concern themselves with interviewing pre-screened candidates. It’s a productive use of their time and they get someone into an open position faster.

Hate Firing People? Let the Agency Do It or Request Trial-to-Hire

Terminating people from a job isn’t something most managers and business owners enjoy. When the employee comes through a staffing agency, the organization has the responsibility for choosing the best candidate for a position and terminating that person if it doesn’t work out. While the business is meeting this person for the first time, your staffing agency has likely worked with him or her on other assignments. That means you have a good idea of the candidate’s personality, level of responsibility, and whether he or she would be a good fit with their corporate culture.

Hiring anyone new is a big risk, even if you have checked that person’s credentials extensively. As a staffing agency, you can request that the employee remain on your payroll until you feel comfortable transferring him or her to the agency.

Choose a Specialized Staffing Agency

If you were the human resources manager of a hospital, it wouldn’t make sense to request employees through a service that mainly works with technical workers. Likewise, you wouldn’t look for an accountant from an agency that recruits and places administrative assistants. Emphasize your specialties and it will help you to find businesses that would make the best use of your services


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