Staffing Firms: The Pros of Direct Hiring

Every company yearns and works hard towards attracting employees who consistently display exemplary performance in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities in the workplace. It is said that a strong workforce with the ideal skills and attitude towards work are one of the factors that makes a company successful.  However, finding and sourcing ideal candidates is not that simple. The process can prove to be challenging and quite time-consuming which is why there are others who opted to delegate the task to hiring agencies or staffing firms. There are different ways a client’s staffing firm could go about sourcing talents. Opting for direct hiring is far more advantageous in the long run and here’s why. 

What is Direct Hiring?

There are three ways the client’s staffing firm can fill an open position in an organization: Direct hire or placement, Contract-to-hire and Temporary hire. 

A permanent recruiter in the client’s staffing firm usually takes charge in the direct hire process. A direct hire usually signifies a permanent full time role in a company. The other types of job placements, contract-to-hire and temporary hire, are usually roles that are hired in the interim or they only fill a role on a short term. The former is typically longer and offers more security since the employer can decide to hire the person permanently later on. 

The Benefits of Opting to Direct Hire

Direct hiring by a staffing firm has proven benefits. These benefits cover both the employee and the organization. 

Save Money – A full time employee is hired under the employer’s payroll starting from Day 1. The client’s staffing agency can avoid any cost related to hiring short term positions. 

Larger Selection Pool – Another benefit is having a more sizable number of candidates to choose from. Job seekers prefer applying to permanent full time roles versus contract-to-hire or temporary hire ones, since it offers job security, better and more secure payouts and additional benefits. In addition to that, your client’s staffing firm can easily activate a list of passive or past candidates that match the skill set required for the job vacancy. Hiring short term roles would provide limited options in comparison. 

Committed Recruits – Since direct hiring is for a full-time position with comprehensive coverage of employee benefits, successful hires tend to display stronger commitment to their jobs. Direct hiring brings about a sense of belonging to the company which is good for employee morale. 

Better Turn-around Time – Because your client’s staffing firm uses strategic recruitment methods, the process becomes faster, which is another benefit of direct hiring. Moreover, since direct hiring seeks specific candidates, this helps in streamlining the selection process, saving more time and any cost/expense related to it.

Fills hard to source roles Sourcing and hiring ideal candidates takes time and effort. A staffing firm takes on the responsibility and allows the client to focus on other aspects of the business. Since the staffing firm would have more resources and are experts in this field, they can help the client source hard to fill roles while guaranteeing their skills and high likelihood they will fit in the organization. 

As the availability of suitable talents to best suit hard to fill roles continue to decrease, landing the excellent recruit makes direct hiring all the more significant. Getting a staffing firm to help you find and hire employees that fit the client’s organization and culture enables the client’s company to retain them longer and reap better benefits. 

An employee who is hired quickly and profiled accurately will find security and satisfaction in working for a company that suits their interests and passion. They are likely to stay longer with the company while remaining consistent in their performance. They showcase loyalty, render hard work and grit in doing what they can for the organization that helps keep their pockets full. 

Furthermore, having the ideal candidate join an organization helps reduce the cost of having to let go and rehire later on. A loyal, hardworking and results driven team will make any company soar high. 

Hiring a staffing firm to fulfill these needs removes any stress and hurdles experienced when having the process in-house.  

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