Modern Industry Trends: Staffing in 2015

Modern Industry Trends Staffing in 2015

As a staffing professionals, it’s vital to remain aware of staffing industry trends in the job market today. Oftentimes, however,  it’s easy to overlook how much these trends crucially affect how well you can do your job. 

Here are some current trends you can learn and pay attention to as you seek out talent:

  • Trend #1: The Heightened War For Talent. Unemployment is down and skilled workers are harder to come by. Did you know that 2 in 5 candidates see a skills gap in their particular industry?  Many believe staffing firms can help overcome that gap. Talk frankly with your clients and coach them on how they can add to their skill set and become more desirable to employers.
  • Trend #2: A Multigenerational Workforce. Our workforce today is made up of an interesting mix of people with a range of values and skill sets. As a staffing professional, you should be aware of possible culture clashes and take the time to piece together a team that will work well together.
  • Trend #3 Build a talent pipeline. A strong and continuous candidate flow is very important as you seek to improve your business. The key to effective workforce planning is all about finding and keeping in contact with pre-qualified candidates. So when you need a candidate, they’re ready to be contacted and called in to interview at any moment.  
  • Trend #4. Video and Social is everywhere.  It’s a fact. Your candidates are fully integrated with social media. They expect to get in contact with employers and their brands immediately, so it is important to have a mobile website to keep candidates engaged. 91 percent of candidates have said a potential employer’s brand plays a big part in whether or not they apply for a job.
  • Trend #5. Smartphones are the New Normal. Technology is now a part of everyday life. Not only do candidates use smartphones to seek our companies, but they use them to keep in contact with staffing agencies and with others they work with. 71 percent of staffing firm candidates have searched for a job on a mobile site, and those statistics will only increase as our world continues to rely more heavily on technology.

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