Employee Referrals: Tips for Job Candidates

Employee Referrals Tips for Job Candidates

There are  several avenues for job seekers to explore when looking for a job, and employee referrals are steadily becoming a more used and effective tactic. If you are a recruiter, you want a solid Recruiter Liability plan, and exploring employee referrals has many benefits for both job  seekers and companies.  Gaining an inside employee referral boosts a job seekers chances of landing a job and staying with a company among other positives.

Here are five reasons why referred candidates are good for both the candidates themselves and companies based on an article by AOL jobs.

1.) Referred Candidates Have High Chances of Being  Hired. From an employer standpoint, a referred candidates are great because of their high success rate. A recent survey commissioned by iCIMS, a provider of talent acquisition solutions,  states that referred candidates are hired about two-thirds of the time.

2,) Referral Incentives Make Everyone Happy. More and more companies are instituting employee referral programs which offer everything from bonus to paid time off. It is important for candidates to remember that when they ask an employee for a referral, odds are they provide him or her with the chance to reap rewards. s.

3.) Employees Often  Like Making Referrals. Generally,  people like helping others out. When asking colleagues inside a company for referrals, don’t be hesitant. It can’t hurt to ask.

4.) Start Asking at the Top. When asking  for a referral, it’s a good idea to start asking  for referrals at the top of the organization. A recommendation from an executive will hold more weight than an employee. However, any referral is a good thing.

5) Use Referrals as a Priority Job Search Tactic Don’t  underestimate the power of a referral. It could save  you a lot of time as a job seeker. It also can save the company alot of sweat when on boarding new team members. This increasingly popular hiring trend is very useful for everyone involved in the hiring process.

While there are many tactics  job seekers  can use when searching for a job, employee referrals are highly effective. Companies of all sizes have been realizing this and have been investing in referral programs.

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