How Businesses Benefit From Temporary Staffing – Part 1

How Businesses Benefit From Temporary Staffing

How Businesses Benefit From Temporary Staffing – Part 1

According to the American Staffing Association, staffing employment typically peaks between mid-November and mid-December each year, after which it dramatically declines for several weeks before turning upward in mid-January. With that in mind, there is no better time than now for your recruiters to start thinking about the best ways to generate client leads.

Your clients and potential clients want to know how exactly your services will benefit them. In part 1 of this 2 part series, we will explore just a few ways employing temporary staff will help a business’s bottom line.

Mitigate Rising Costs

Staffing agencies can help with this by paying benefits, unemployment, taxes, and other employment expenses that the staffing company assumed responsibility for. Employing a temporary worker will also help the business reduce overtime labor costs by letting the temp work the extra hours.

Improve Performance

Absenteeism and employees who don’t match the needs of certain jobs lead to wasted time and effort. Your staffing agency can help by providing temporary help during peak periods to prevent burnout among core employees, reducing absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims.

Save Time.

Your agency reduces the time that your clients have to spend on advertising, screening employees, interviewing, testing, and checking references. Also, because of pre-employment screening for needed skills, less training is necessary prior to beginning work.

Increase Flexibility.

Hiring help on an as-needed basis allows your clients to respond to market demands quickly without adding full-time staff. Also, if your client is having a hiring freeze, temp workers can handle the workload without increasing the direct hire headcount.

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