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This series of blogs has stressed the importance of your clients offering specific benefits and perks to their employees. While everyone can get on board with employer-provided benefits, there’s an equally important player when it comes to the most desired employee perks: flexibility. Whether your clients allow their staff to work from home or take advantage of unlimited vacation day policies, they’re directly adding value to their companies. Plus, not to mention, showing off the benefits and perks in your job ad will make your client that much more competitive.

Unlimited vacation.

This seems unreasonable for many employers, but companies who have put it to the test reap the benefits. Rather than focusing on how many hours they’ve spent in the office, they focus on their contribution to the company. If your client’s company is an industry where there is flexibility for where they can complete their work, productivity is easily managed, and the culture promotes trust and respect, this model could work.

Working remotely.

Technological advancements have made it easy to work remotely while still remaining engaged with coworkers and clients.

The ability to work remotely is on the rise. The Wall Street Journal shared a chart based on a 2013 report from the U.S. Census Bureau illustrating this point.

When setting up a remote workforce, communication and an intentional atmosphere of open, transparent dialogue and access to information is considered one of the most important aspects in the value proposition, says Fast Company.

Industries ranging from management to sales and engineering are all eligible to work from home, and the increase in wanting to work remotely is reflective of a modern workplace, which your clients can implement.

Flexible hours

If your client’s industry doesn’t bode well with employees not being physically in the office, they can sway their work schedules to be more accommodating. For example, they can take into account the employee’s commute distance, traffic patterns, and children’s schedules to come up with a feasible schedule for their day. This flexibility includes:

  • Shorter working hours
  • Allowing the employee to come in earlier or later
  • Honoring personal days
  • More vacation allowance
  • Compressed work week
  • Schedule swaps

Job sharing.

A job-share team is formed by two professionals who form a partnership to perform one job. An example workweek might involve Teammate A working Monday to Wednesday and Teammate B working Wednesday to Friday at the same position, with some hand-off and complementary responsibilities on the overlap day. Job sharing is a great solution to the “brain drain” and other loss of organizational intelligence that occurs when highly experienced workers must face leaving the workforce due to personal obligations. Two professionals who can join together to offer a company their combined experience is one of the best ways to prevent a distraction from the company’s directives.

Whatever potential perks your client wants to offer should well thought-out and tailored to benefit their industry and their particular workforce. However, it’s undeniable that flexibility is a highly desired perk in today’s job market.

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