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This series of blogs has focused solely on the types of perks that your clients should offer their current and prospective employees. Benefits packages rank #1 in employee preferences after a competitive salary, followed by flexibility in their schedules. In today’s increasingly competitive job market, these perks will sway qualified applicants in your clients’ favor. Before creating a job ad to highlight the role, responsibilities and perks, recommend the following amenities to your clients.


This seems over the top at first glance, but in reality, concierge services simply seek to make employee’s lives easier. Whether they offer errand running, grocery shopping, day care or even dry-cleaning services, the goal is to simplify the employee’s day to allow them to get as much work done as possible.


Workers actually report wanting high tech perks more than low tech features like ping pong or free food. It’s not surprising, mobility is king in the modern workplace and technology is a huge enabler of this. Technology-based office amenities include hardware upgrades, wireless charging, and even access to augmented reality and virtual reality. Technology provides employees with more choice and flexibility, something that the modern workforce values highly. Providing these types of services also ensures that your employees are up to date on the latest and greatest tech. This could even help spark creative applications of technology within your own organization, states Charge Spot.

Free food.

What better way for your clients to keep their employees sharp than to keep a fully stocked fridge and pantry for them? It’s an inexpensive way to keep the employees happy and know they are appreciated. If they forget their lunch at home, they don’t have to sweat.

Personal time.

Working eight hours a day, five days a week can be exhausting. This is why so many companies have implemented a rule for allowing time for personal projects at work. If your clients allow some flexibility when it comes to taking a break from their work obligations, their employees are more likely to feel reinvigorated and motivated to complete their tasks.

Commute assistance.

In areas where campuses or buildings may be outside the downtown core, organizations are offering free shuttles that bring employees to and from work. It’s a tool to attract employees, and especially millennials. These people like living in the city, but don’t own a car or want a hectic commute, and you can offer that experience.

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