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In this series of blogs, we’ve covered the perks that your candidates actually desire in an employer. In addition to a competitive salary, today’s workforce wants a comprehensive benefits package, schedule flexibility and relevant amenities. While your clients are not required to provide all of these features, doing so makes them much more competitive in the current job market, especially as it’s currently favoring job seekers. In this final installment, we’ll offer some insights on how your clients can create a great workplace culture, which is something all applicants have come to expect in their search.

Trust employees.

Utilizing a staffing resource such as your agency means that your clients will be onboarding accomplished and seasoned professionals. For this reason, it should be easy for your clients to trust their employees. Remind your clients that they were chosen for the position for a reason, so allow them the freedom and trust to do their jobs without too much oversight or critique.

Be transparent.

A culture that embraces transparency will benefit from employees that are far more engaged. When leaders are transparent about the current health and future goals of the company, employees will have a better understanding of their role within the bigger picture. This can lead to innovative solutions and problem-solving. The key is for managers to be open and honest with their team. You should also promote a culture of continuous improvement where it’s common practice for everyone to give and receive feedback, says Explorance.

Make the workspace unique and fun.

Your clients don’t have to provide a ping pong table for their employees to enjoy being at work. However, comfortable and happy employees are the best employees. They can think about offering the following to make their workspace unique:

  • Ergonomic equipment and furniture
  • Fully stocked fridge and pantry
  • Break rooms
  • State of the art conference rooms
  • Sleeping areas
  • Outdoor rest areas
  • Game rooms
  • Allowing pets
  • Pet day care


We’ve covered the perks in depth in our previous articles, but as a reminder: your clients should offer benefits that will make the employees feel taken care of and respected, including health coverage, gym memberships, paid lunches, travel opportunities, flexible schedules, and more.

Room for growth.

Part of placing candidates at your clients’ businesses is to find motivated individuals. Your clients can reward these individuals by providing room for growth and promotions. If their employees see others moving up, they’ll be more motivated to work hard to achieve the same.

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