Staffing Industry: Adapting in Crisis

It may be difficult to fully comprehend that millions of people, companies, and organizations have been so dramatically impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. So how do leaders deal with crisis? It has forced many businesses to revolutionize the way they operate. While many companies have been able to shift their employees to a remote work model, this has also created issues for many industries. Even prior to this adaptation, many industries have been in the middle of a digital transformation. Now, more than ever, companies that embrace innovative technology are best-positioned to weather the storm and succeed, and that includes the staffing industry.

Electronic Documentation

Whatever electronic solution is chosen, it must be straightforward, mobile-friendly, and allow the ability to “pre-board” candidates. The ability to quickly get documentation filled out, submitted, and approved will give staffing industry businesses a competitive advantage to get people back to work faster.

Electronic document management will eliminate the need for individuals to come in to fill out paperwork either manually or at a kiosk, freeing up more time to focus on putting people to work rather than pushing paper.

Video Interviewing

Face-to-face interviews allow us to capture emotions, behaviors, and insight into nonverbal cues. So how can we get as close as possible to face-to-face interviews when they are prohibited during a crisis like this COVID-19 pandemic? Luckily, there are seamless video interviewing solutions to improve the recruitment process and reduce time to hire. Implementing video interviewing can make everyone involved feel more at ease while in the midst of responding to a crisis.


Throughout crisis management, it can be quite tricky for staffing agencies to remain in touch with clients and a candidate pool; which is where automation can come into play. Automated emails and text message campaigns are an easy way to embrace technology. Automating the outreach and manual tasks and capturing important data and insights can allow for smarter business decisions.

Staffing companies today have a wide range of options regarding what technology they can utilize. Although, requiring recruiters and account managers to log into different systems to document information not only creates duplicate data entry, but it also creates resistance and may cause gaps in information.

Business and technology are at an inflection point and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies that do not integrate technology to continue to excel and grow. Automation and digital transformation are only going to grow and businesses that are taking advantage of these are setting themselves up for long term success.

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